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Each article has a comment indicating its status:- “uncorrected”- article accepted but not yet corrected by author that needs to be reviewed for errors and corrections, “corrected”- final form of an article (accepted and corrected) not yet assigned to an issue.




Effect of γ-oryzanol on hyperlipidemia and thrombus formation in mice treated with poloxamer-407
Shital S. Panchal, Apurva Bhatt, Neha Mishra, Abhishek B. Jha, Shital B. Butan


Mapping of stem cell research in India during 2009–2014: a bibliometric analysis
Manoj Mishra, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, Dola Babu Ramesh

Association between the effects of body mass index on lung volumes among students in Jiangsu Province
Taha Hussein Musa, Wei Li, Wenjuan Yan, Yan Guo, Xiaoshan Li, Hassan Hussein Musa, Lovel Fornah, Pu Yuepu, Pingmin Weil


Celiac disease presenting as fever of unknown origin in the adult: The role of undiagnosed celiac disease in systemic atherosclerosis
Gabriele Cioni