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Association between depression symptoms and Mediterian dietary adherence in adults with cardiovascular disease risk factors in the north of Iran in 2016
Marjan Mahdavi-Roshan, Arsalan Salari, Asieh Ashouri, Iman Alizadeh

Comparing the immediate effect of chin tuck and turtle exercises on forward head posture: a single blind randomized clinical tria
Meysam Goosheh, Zohreh Shafizadegan, Zahra Sadat Rezaieian, Fatemeh Salamehzadeh, Hamzeh Baharlouei

Pseudo-Grisel’s syndrome as a complication of adenotonsillectomy
Natalia Żuchowska, Wacław Kopala

Variation outside of the range of the TRPM8 receptor affects multiple sclerosis prevalence rates
Ernest Lad Heisten IV

Proper maintenance of modified national partogram: A retrospective audit in a tertiary care center
J Kajendran, M Patabendige, HSS Perera, A Liyanage 

The relation between heat strain and hydration status in the food industry employees in Mashhad, 2014
Somayeh Bolghanabadi, Aliakbar Mohammadi, Baharam Kohnavard, Mohamadbagher Delkhosh 

Expression levels of PDYN and OPRM1 genes in SH-SY5Y cells exposed to 50 Hz electromagnetic field
Hamideh Mahmoudinasab, Mostafa Saadat


A model for the identification of polymorphisms responsible for common genetic conditions and its relationship to multiple sclerosis
Ernest Lad Heisten IV

 D-limonene possesses cytotoxicity to tumor cells but not to hepatocytes
Bhavini Shah, Muhammad Vaseem Shaikh, Kiranj Chaudagar, Manish Nivsarkar, Anita Mehta

What made hominis physically active? Part I
Joanna Rutkowska-Talipska, Paweł Sowa, Krzysztof Rutkowski, Marcin Baltaziak, Tomasz Napiórkowski, Anna Kuryliszyn-Moskal, Ryszard Rutkowski

Primary pulmonary sarcomas – diagnosis, treatment, prognostic factors
Janusz Gołota, Monika Rucińska, Aleksandra Sejda

A new look at the polycystic ovary syndrome
Magdalena Maria Stefanowicz-Rutkowska, Katarzyna Myszka-Podgórska, Wojciech Matuszewski, Angelika Baranowska, Robert Modzelewski, Elżbieta Bandurska-Stankiewicz


Rehabilitation of a pediatric achondroplasia patient – Case report

Alicja Warmowska-Dawid, Danuta Krzywda, Kamila Regin, Ireneusz M. Kowalski